Dedicated to the Virtues of Intravascular CO2 for Patient Safety with Optimal Outcomes

CO2 Angiography Society

The CO2 Angiography Society is multispecialty organization dedicated to the virtues of intravascular CO2 to diagnose and intervene while preserving renal function.

We welcome all healthcare providers to learn more about the unique and complicated health care needs of those with renal insufficiency and allergy to iodinated contrast as well of the many disease entities where typical liquid contrast fails in the diagnosis and/or treatment.

In Honor of Irvin Franklin “Dick” Hawkins, Jr, MD

Irvin Franklin Hawkins, Jr, MD
Irvin Franklin "Dick" Hawkins, Jr, MD

When the train of progress approaches, some get run over while others choose to get out of the way. Then there are a few individuals, like Dick Hawkins, that choose to jump on the train and conduct it in their own inimitable way with no interest in personal gain. Dick was always looking for the safer, more patient-friendly means to an end. He combined this with his endless energy, foresight and genius. There is no question as to why he has had such a tremendous impact on not only interventional radiology, but all of medicine. Moreover, his selfless method of teaching is responsible for improving patient care internationally through his many disciples.

It astounds me how one person can look at a cut film where room air was accidentally injected into the vasculature and translate that into the intravascular delivery of CO2 to preserve renal function. This epiphany, when the technology had not even developed, is beyond belief. This was only one of many innovations in which he is responsible for pioneering. I often wonder how many people have not only been successfully diagnosed and treated, but also spared renal compromise, morbidity and mortality because of the brilliance of Dick Hawkins. The world is a healthier place because of him. It is only natural and correct that we dedicate this site and all its medical benefits to him. He lit the CO2 torch and it is our pleasure to pass it on!

Thank you Dick, it was an honor and a true privilege to have known you.

James Caridi, MD, FSIR
James Caridi, MD, FSIR
Founder and Chairman, CO2 Angiography Society

Professor of Vascular and Interventional Radiology
Tulane University School of Medicine
New Orleans, LA